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Our NIHR Greater Manchester PSTRC - COVID-19 blog post will continue to be updated as the pandemic develops.


Homelessness linked to emergency hospital admissions
(30 July 2021)
Patients experiencing homelessness use hospital services, especially emergency admissions, at much higher rates than housed patients according to new research published this week.   The study’s authors believe the research indicates the need to improve access to primary care, including GPs, along with implementing other interventions for people experiencing homelessness.     The research called […]

Understanding avoidable medication safety incidents in NHS mental health hospitals: new studies help us take an important step forward
(30 July 2021)
by Dr Richard Keers, affiliated to the GM PSTRC’s Medication Safety theme While our understanding of avoidable medication safety issues in ‘general’ hospitals has greatly improved over recent decades, we know less about what’s happening in mental health hospitals. This could make finding ways to improve care more difficult. In order to learn more so […]

Working towards inclusivity in Patient and Public Involvement in research
(30 July 2021)
Shoba Dawson, a past PhD Fellow at the GM PSTRC has recently been awarded a prestigious award for her work across primary care research. Here she talks about her path to this award and the part the GM PSTRC played.   I came to the UK nearly 14 years ago to pursue my master’s in […]

Patient and public involvement and engagement: Working with people experiencing homelessness to improve access to healthcare
(30 July 2021)
Groundswell is a charity that works with people who have experience of homelessness, offering opportunities to contribute to society and create solutions to homelessness.  The charity is working with researchers from the GM PSTRC Safety in Marginalised Groups theme on a study that aims to understand how best to improve the quality and safety of […]

The value of patient and public engagement (PPIE) in patient safety research for marginalised groups
(30 July 2021)
Three of the studies underway within the Marginalised Groups: Patients and Carers sub-theme were recently recognised by The University of Manchester’s PPIE awards. Here Caroline Sanders, Patients and Carers sub-theme lead at the GM PSTRC, talks about the value and importance of PPIE and the work which has been recognised. Patient and public involvement and […]

Patient Safety Toolkit for Pharmacists
(29 July 2021)
Researchers at the GM PSTRC have created a patient safety toolkit for pharmacists that aims to introduce pharmacists and their teams to practical tools to help continually improve patient safety. The toolkit is an online training programme and was launched in the autumn 2020 by the Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE).  It is now […]

Self-harm and COVID-19: the first year of the pandemic and beyond
(27 July 2021)
by Dr Sarah Steeg, Presidential Fellow in Mental Health Epidemiology, Ms Elizabeth Monaghan, Expert by Experience and Ms Fiona Naylor, Expert by Experience This is the second blog in the series: The impact of COVID-19 on self-harm presentation rates People who have self-harmed are more likely to die by suicide than other people and should […]

New study investigates diagnostic errors in English general practice for the first time
(17 June 2021)
More than half (58%) of diagnostic errors in general practice happen during GP consultations with patients, according to new research which investigated this across general practice in England for the first time.   The research, ‘Incidence, origins and avoidable harm of missed opportunities in diagnosis: longitudinal patient record review in 21 English general practices’, was […]

Study reveals worrying differences in excess deaths during pandemic
(8 June 2021)
A study led by researchers at the Universities of Manchester and York published in The Lancet Regional Health – Europe – called ‘Excess deaths from COVID-19 and other causes by region, neighbourhood deprivation level and place of death during the first 30 weeks of the pandemic in England and Wales: A retrospective registry study‘ – […]

Patient-reported safety incidents in primary care: cross-sectional survey of patients from Australia and England – new paper published
(27 May 2021)
Dr Sally Giles is a Research Fellow in the Marginalised Groups: Patients and Carers theme at the GM PSTRC. She has been working on a research project with colleagues from the UK and Australia that looks in detail at patient safety incidents reported by people when interacting with primary care (for example their GP). The […]