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Research launched to investigate the gap in care following self-harm – call for patient/carer input
(17 July 2019)
A study is underway investigating what helps patients’ access mental health assessments and psychological therapies following self-harm.  Despite the current clinical guidelines, there are wide differences in the services for people who self-harm and this study is designed to find out why. Researchers at the National Institute for Health Research Greater Manchester Patient Safety Translational […]

Developing prescribing safety indicators for the prison setting
(17 July 2019)
by Richard Keers A project has just begun which aims to develop and test prescribing safety indicators in prison healthcare. Prescribing safety indicators describe prescribing and drug monitoring practices that may place patients at risk of harm, and which should generally be avoided. Whilst these indicators have been successfully introduced into hospitals and general practices […]

Improving injectable medicines administration safety in hospitals
(16 July 2019)
by Richard Keers A new project has recently got underway to explore whether a new intervention to reduce injectable medicines administration errors in hospitals would be practical and welcomed by nursing staff. It is hoped that this NIHR Greater Manchester PSTRC work will identify how this intervention will be best designed and introduced into hospitals […]

PSTRC leading innovative workshops in involvement and engagement
(11 July 2019)
by Sally Giles Patient and public involvement/engagement (PPIE) plays a pivotal role in the work undertaken by the Greater Manchester PSTRC. Dr Sally Giles (Research Fellow) leads on PPIE at the PSTRC.  She is innovative in her approach to PPIE and is keen to improve understanding across the research centre and beyond. Sally said: “In […]

‘Have you heard?’: Success in Making a Difference awards
(10 July 2019)
by Donna Littlewood On 2nd May, the University of Manchester held its annual ‘Making a Difference’ awards to recognise activities and projects which have had a positive impact on local communities and wider society. The PSTRC was well-represented at the event, with one of our Research Associates part of the winning team in the category […]

Artificial Intelligence and decision making – experts discuss results of Citizens’ Juries to inform national guidance
(1 July 2019)
Is it necessary to give reasons for decisions made using artificial intelligence (AI) software even if the results may not be as accurate? Leading academics and experts believe, with the development of AI advancing, guidance on how it can be used in decision making is needed. The National Institute for Health Research Greater Manchester Patient […]

Experts gathered to discuss patient safety at symposium in Manchester
(26 June 2019)
A symposium was held by the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) Greater Manchester Patient Safety Translational Research Centre (PSTRC) in Manchester to discuss some of its areas of research. Experts from Paris and Norway joined NHS National Director of Patient Safety, Dr Aidan Fowler to speak at the event which around 100 academics, researchers, […]

Brexit vs. Mental Health – Considering the mental health needs of the UK Central and Eastern European community
(5 April 2019)
by Aaron Poppleton In the UK, Brexit is the topic of the moment.  Regardless of outcome, the impacts are already being felt across the country. Around two million people from Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) currently live in the UK. As with many ethnic minority groups, there hasn’t been a lot of research looking into […]

New PSTRC research: Mental health assessments and psychological therapies following self-harm
(26 March 2019)
by Leah Quinlivan, Donna Littlewood, Liz Monaghan, Stephen Marks, Clive Turpin, Roger Webb, Nav Kapur Mental health assessments and psychological therapies can be beneficial in helping people keep safe and reducing repeat self-harm. Researchers in  the NIHR Greater Manchester PSTRC are conducting a study to understand what helps and does not help people receive assessments […]

Should Artificial Intelligence give reasons for decisions even if it affects accuracy – Citizens’ Juries deliberate
(27 February 2019)
Is it necessary for artificial intelligence (AI) to give reasons for its decisions even if it means the results aren’t as accurate? When and why are explanations of AI decisions most important? A leading research team investigated these questions in Coventry and Manchester and the results could affect future national policy. The National Institute for […]