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Researchers invited to the Community Pharmacy Patient Safety Collaborative Forum
(16 January 2020)
The Medication Safety theme at the NIHR Greater Manchester Patient Safety Translational Research Centre works with community pharmacists to improve safety. One of the ways it does this is by holding monthly meetings of the Community Pharmacy Patient Safety Collaborative Forum. It is now inviting researchers from across academia to bring along any relevant research […]

Developing Artificial Intelligence to triage patients
(13 January 2020)
by Sarah Darley and Niels Peek Work is underway to develop a new system which uses Artificial Intelligence to triage patients. We are developing the Patient Automated Triage and Clinical Hub Scheduling (PATCHS) which is designed to be more accurate than previous automated triage systems as it takes into consideration factors such as a patient’s […]

Book launch: The Science of Saving Lives
(29 October 2019)
There is an opportunity to discuss the causes, treatment and prevention of suicide at the launch of a new book, Suicide Prevention, 3rd Edition. Professor Nav Kapur is the author. Professor Kapur is a theme lead at the NIHR Greater Manchester Patient Safety Translational Research Centre which is a partnership between The University of Manchester […]

How can the families of patients be better involved in mental health treatment to improve patient safety?
(10 October 2019)
This is something Donna Littlewood has been investigating through her latest study which aims to examine how involving patients families in their mental healthcare can positively contribute to improved patient wellbeing and reduce their risks of self-harm and suicide. The findings will contribute to the development of guidance to support health services in implementing family […]

Pharmacy staff to get suicide awareness training for the first time
(10 September 2019)
Community pharmacy staff would like more training on suicide prevention, a new study has revealed today. As a result, a first of its kind training video has been developed and will also be available from today to mark World Suicide Prevention Day. The research from the National Institute for Health Research Greater Manchester Patient Safety […]

Exhibition of hope to raise awareness for World Suicide Prevention day and launch #seedsofhope campaign
(10 September 2019)
On Tuesday 10th September an exhibition of photographs that represent hope for a group of patients and carers who have been affected by suicide will go on display at Manchester Town Hall in Rates Hall between 10.30 and 17.30 to raise awareness on World Suicide Prevention Day. The event is organised by researchers from the National […]

Greater Manchester PSTRC public contributor wins award at event celebrating patient and public involvement and engagement
(2 September 2019)
A lay member of the NIHR Greater Manchester PSTRC Executive Management Board (EMB), Angela Ruddock, won the outstanding contribution to patient and public involvement award (PPI) at a university event in July. The event aimed to celebrate PPI and was organised by the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health. Angela became a lay member of […]

Research launched to investigate the gap in care following self-harm – call for patient/carer input
(17 July 2019)
A study is underway investigating what helps patients’ access mental health assessments and psychological therapies following self-harm.  Despite the current clinical guidelines, there are wide differences in the services for people who self-harm and this study is designed to find out why. Researchers at the National Institute for Health Research Greater Manchester Patient Safety Translational […]

Developing prescribing safety indicators for the prison setting
(17 July 2019)
by Richard Keers A project has just begun which aims to develop and test prescribing safety indicators in prison healthcare. Prescribing safety indicators describe prescribing and drug monitoring practices that may place patients at risk of harm, and which should generally be avoided. Whilst these indicators have been successfully introduced into hospitals and general practices […]

Improving injectable medicines administration safety in hospitals
(16 July 2019)
by Richard Keers A new project has recently got underway to explore whether a new intervention to reduce injectable medicines administration errors in hospitals would be practical and welcomed by nursing staff. It is hoped that this NIHR Greater Manchester PSTRC work will identify how this intervention will be best designed and introduced into hospitals […]