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Our NIHR Greater Manchester PSTRC - COVID-19 blog post will continue to be updated as the pandemic develops.


(3 April 2020)
As COVID-19 continues to affect the country the NIHR Greater Manchester Patient Safety Translational Research Centre (NIHR GM PSTRC) will play a role both now and in the near future to help the NHS strengthen its armoury in the fight against the virus. The GM PSTRC is one of three national patient safety centres which […]

PSTRCs PhD Network event 2020
(13 March 2020)
For the second year PhD students funded by the three NIHR patient safety centres gathered to present their work, display posters and hear from expert speakers on Monday 24th February 2020. This year the event was hosted by the centre based at The University of Manchester, the Greater Manchester Patient Safety Translational Research Centre (NIHR […]

New study launched: Investigating medication safety among UK hospitalised children
(13 March 2020)
by Adam Sutherland Medication safety is a persistent problem across the NHS, and rightly there has been a lot of attention given to how this has affected the frail and elderly who have a number of concurrent illnesses and therefore need many medications. Up until now, young people and children have been overlooked. Adam Sutherland […]

Hazardous prescribing SMASHed across Greater Manchester
(3 March 2020)
by Richard Williams Researchers in the Safety Informatics theme at the GM PSTRC have developed a dashboard designed to reduce medication prescribing errors. This takes the current intervention, adopted nationally by NHS England, one step further. Medication errors leading to adverse drug events are a major problem, and one that has been acknowledged recently by […]

Patient messaging could hold the key to help empower cancer survivors to live happy
(4 February 2020)
by Aseem Mishra and Niels Peek More people than ever are living with and beyond a cancer diagnosis. We need to find new ways to meet the on-going needs for the growing number of people who have finished treatment but still struggle to cope with the physical and mental impact of cancer on their lives. […]

The Performance Improvement plaN GeneratoR (PINGR)
(27 January 2020)
A web-based software application that suggests bespoke improvements to the care patients receive from GP practices and pharmacies (primary care) is being developed by researchers at the NIHR Greater Manchester PSTRC. The Performance Improvement plaN GeneratoR (PINGR) analyses electronic health records shared by pharmacies and GPs to audit the care patients are receiving against best […]

Researchers invited to the Community Pharmacy Patient Safety Collaborative Forum
(16 January 2020)
The Medication Safety theme at the NIHR Greater Manchester Patient Safety Translational Research Centre works with community pharmacists to improve safety. One of the ways it does this is by holding monthly meetings of the Community Pharmacy Patient Safety Collaborative Forum. It is now inviting researchers from across academia to bring along any relevant research […]

Developing Artificial Intelligence to triage patients
(13 January 2020)
by Sarah Darley and Niels Peek Work is underway to develop a new system which uses Artificial Intelligence to triage patients. We are developing the Patient Automated Triage and Clinical Hub Scheduling (PATCHS) which is designed to be more accurate than previous automated triage systems as it takes into consideration factors such as a patient’s […]

Book launch: The Science of Saving Lives
(29 October 2019)
There is an opportunity to discuss the causes, treatment and prevention of suicide at the launch of a new book, Suicide Prevention, 3rd Edition. Professor Nav Kapur is the author. Professor Kapur is a theme lead at the NIHR Greater Manchester Patient Safety Translational Research Centre which is a partnership between The University of Manchester […]

How can the families of patients be better involved in mental health treatment to improve patient safety?
(10 October 2019)
This is something Donna Littlewood has been investigating through her latest study which aims to examine how involving patients families in their mental healthcare can positively contribute to improved patient wellbeing and reduce their risks of self-harm and suicide. The findings will contribute to the development of guidance to support health services in implementing family […]