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Our NIHR Greater Manchester PSTRC - COVID-19 blog post will continue to be updated as the pandemic develops.


An NIHR GM PSTRC funded free e-learning course which has been accessed by 7000 prescribers since 2014 has undergone an evaluation and been re-launched with the addition of new content
(20 April 2021)
Dr Richard Knox from the University of Nottingham is one of the researchers who has worked on the e-learning course, Prescribing in General Practice. He talks about the impact of the course and the new updates here. Prescribing in General Practice is an e-learning course, hosted on the Royal College of General Practitioners’ (RCGP’s) e-learning […]

Mental health is critical in the recovery from COVID-19 leading experts agree at virtual conference hosted by patient safety centre
(15 March 2021)
Research that aims to make healthcare safer for people who have been affected by mental problems during the COVID-19 pandemic was presented by leading experts at a virtual conference. It was attended by more than 160 colleagues involved in this area of work including academics, healthcare professionals, and representatives from mental health charities. People with […]

Patient safety, mental health and COVID-19 will be the focus of virtual conference run by patient safety research centre
(3 March 2021)
Research that aims to make healthcare safer for people affected by mental illness while exploring the impact of COVID-19 will be the focus of a free virtual conference.   The 3rd National Institute for Health Research Greater Manchester Patient Safety Translational Research Centre (NIHR GM PSTRC) Symposium: Patient safety, mental health and COVID-19 will take […]

Under 55s found lockdown most challenging, finds survey
(2 March 2021)
A UK wide survey of 2252 adults, carried out five weeks into the first lockdown revealed 95% of those who took part were following lockdown restrictions. Of that 95% more than 80% reported finding it challenging. Adjusting to changes in daily routines, and mental and physical health struggles were the most common challenges faced by […]

Research is underway to improve safety for older people when they’re transferred between hospitals and care homes – researchers need your help
(26 February 2021)
The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the challenges faced when arranging transfers into or out of hospital, for people living in care homes. Making transfers safer has been a focus for researchers at the GM PSTRC. Researchers are looking for members of the public in Salford and Manchester to take part in a 45-60 minute interview […]

New research examines the link between standardised procedures and everyday practice when dispensing medication in community pharmacies
(4 February 2021)
A study published in the journal “Applied Ergonomics” compared the standardised processes set out for community pharmacists to follow when dispending medication to what happens in reality. A gap was revealed and researchers also looked at the reasons for this.   The research, “Mind the gap: Examining work-as-imagined and work-as-done when dispensing medication in the […]

Non-technical skills for community pharmacists – new research published
(2 February 2021)
Ahmed Ashour is a researcher in the GM PSTRC’s Medication Safety theme and is the author of a literature review which looked at non-technical skills for community pharmacists. Community pharmacists are essential frontline healthcare professionals, who don’t just dispense medicines. Their skills are wide ranging and don’t start and finish with their technical knowledge of […]

New paper shows how patients, carers, GPs and pharmacists can work together with researchers to co-design a patient safety guide for primary care
(21 January 2021)
by Dr Rebecca Morris, Research Fellow at the NIHR GM PSTRC Involving patients in their patient safety is a central recommendation of the UK National Patient Safety strategy.  However, how this is done in a way that is acceptable to patients, carers and healthcare professionals was unclear. In a new paper published in Health Expectations, […]

Concerning drop in the number of people with mental health problems seeking help revealed
(12 January 2021)
During April 2020, while the UK was in full lockdown, there was a drop of more than a third in the number of people seeking help for mental illness or self-harm according to research involving 14 million people registered at general practices across the four nations of the UK which was published today in The […]

Is COVID-19 our chance to build a safer and more compassionate health and social care system for people experiencing homelessness?
(18 December 2020)
by Martin Burrows, Director of Research and Campaigns at Groundswell, Mat Amp, Project Officer at Groundswell, Kelly Howells and Caroline Sanders from the GM PSTRC Groundswell, is a charity that works with people with experience of homelessness, offering opportunities to contribute to society and create solutions to homelessness.   Two years ago we began working […]