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Impact case studies

Our research is already making an impact on patient safety.

Reducing prescribing errors through digital solutions

Reducing patients at risk from prescribing

Reducing suicide rates

Testing new ways of using mobile technology to deliver safer care

  • Provided ClinTouch, an innovative new way of supporting people with psychosis, a serious mental health disorder, through helping to improve self-management of their condition. This won the Outstanding Innovation category of the SEE Change Awards for Social Entrepreneurship.

Making people with multimorbidity feel safer

  • We have co-designed an online resource on for people living with multimorbidity (having two or more chronic medical conditions) about the challenges they experience.
  • Improved the care of long term conditions (e.g. hypertension, chronic kidney disease, and atrial fibrillation) through the Performance Improvement plaN GeneratoR (PINGR), an electronic system that systematically compares patient’s medical records to best practice guidelines and suggests actions that could be taken for individual patients and the wider GP practice.

Health data

  • Put health data on trial (PDF) by investigating public attitudes to data sharing, with the results presented to a high level delegation including the National Data Guardian (Dame Fiona Caldicott) and the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Medical Research.

Patient Safety Toolkit

  • We have co-designed and tested a Patient Safety Toolkit for general practices that is important in preventing patients from being harmed. It is designed to be used by any general practice in the UK and covers safe systems, safety culture, communication, patient reported problems, diagnostic safety and prescribing safety.