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Research themes

We focus on four main research themes:

Safety Informatics

Safety informatics

This theme involves developing information systems and using routine healthcare data for better understanding of patient safety.

Theme Leads
Professor Niels Peek

Medication Safety

Medication safety

This theme explores how the prescribing, dispensing and administration of medicines within and between healthcare organisations can be improved.

Theme Leads
Professor Darren Ashcroft (Manchester)
Professor Tony Avery (Nottingham)

Safer Care Systems and Transitions

Safer Care Systems and Transitions

This theme looks at the safer movement of patients between healthcare settings.

Theme Leads
Professor Justin Waring (Nottingham)
Professor Stephen Campbell (Manchester)

Safety in Marginalised Groups

Safety in marginalised groups

This theme involves co-designing and testing healthcare interventions to improve the safety of marginalised patients.

Theme Leads
Professor Nav Kapur
Dr Caroline Sanders