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A doctor wearing a white coat and stethoscope.

Safety Informatics

The GM PSTRC Safety Informatics theme performs research by studying data, computing systems and information specifically related to healthcare.

Our goal is to improve people’s health and the care they receive as patients. We design software that gives information to clinicians, such as GPs, and patients. This information can be used to spot issues and suggests solutions, therefore improving patient safety.


Understanding where and how safety issues can happen is essential when trying to improve care for patients. Safety problems, such as those caused by a medication error or a delay in diagnosis, often occur when two or more care providers don’t work together effectively.

The research taking place across this theme uses linked electronic health records from the Salford Integrated Record and the Greater Manchester Care Record. This is where important health and social care data is stored on patients, and includes:

  • Any current health or care issues
  • Details of medications prescribed
  • Allergies
  • Results of any recent tests
  • Details on any plans created for care or treatment

The data allows us to create an overall picture of safety and provides continuous feedback to GPs, patients and care planners, with clear actions to improve patient safety. By working this way, we have created a learning healthcare system.

Theme lead

Key staff

Affiliated staff

  • Professor Rachel Elliott

PSTRC PhD Fellow

  • Richard Dodd

Christie/PSTRC PhD Fellow

  • Salina Tsui